Bowdon Coffee Roasters

"Roasting the Good Stuff"


Small town, locally roasted

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"I just wanted to live in a small town and still have great coffee"

                                     -Eddie Holz

Every coffee roaster works to create a coffee culture filled with "coffee-centric vocabulary" extoling the grand nuances and flavor notes, which, honestly, I've never been great at detecting. I am sure the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe we roast has the advertised "blueberry notes with a hint of chocolate" but they escape my palette. However, each morning I awaken, grind, and brew a pot of Ethiopian coffee and its smooth taste just starts the day off right. Our coffee culture may not be as highbrow as some, but our single origin roasts from around the world will bring you a refreshing sense of "really good coffee" to your day. 


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