Bowdon Coffee Roasters

"Roasting the Good Stuff"


In 2006, Eddie and Kathie had both retired from more than 30 years teaching public schools and, with sons both finished, pretty much, college, They paid off their debts and built a savings account with the goal of setting up a business in Bowdon, the small town near their farm. In the spring of 2008, Eddie traveled to Sandpoint, Idaho for a seminar on coffee roasting at the Dietrich Manufacturing company. He saw his roaster taking form and met numerious professionals in the western roasting community. His roaster arrived at their farm, the CrazyH, in April, He set it up in his barn, and seasoned the roaster. They rented the "dayroom" section of an abandonded textile complex adding the necessary components to open a coffee roastery. Little did they know that getting the roaster was the easy part! On Bowdon's Founders' Day, 2008, the sat in the uncompleted space and sold their first bits of fresh roasted coffee. We are still sitting here. 

About Bowdon Coffee

You wonder what you will say when you retire and everyone says "what will you do with all that extra time?" In 2008, Kathie and Eddie Holz answered that questions with "start roasting coffee." 


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